Tuesday, February 21, 2017

What is Your Why? Weight Watchers Update

I wasn’t sure the scale was going to be in my favor this today. I spent the majority of last week sick as a dog and not moving. However, when I stepped on the scale at my meeting this morning, I was pleasantly surprised that I actually lost 12.8 ounces (.8 of a pound). I know it’s not a huge victory, but it is still more weight loss than gained on this journey. I am 14.2 pounds lighter now then at the start of this journey with Weight Watchers and for me that is amazing. I am learning to make better choices and to stick with them. I’m making lists of my favorite restaurants and smart point values of my favorite items so when I do go out with my friends, I can make decisions ahead of time and know how many points to save. I’m still having trouble using ALL of my points each day, but I think I’m getting better at it.

Every meeting, Bev passes out a Weight Watchers Weekly booklet for us to read through out the week. These little booklets have and article, a place for free writing and a recipe in them (and a coupon for something healthy). This week’s Weekly has an article encouraging us to figure out our Why for joining WW and some space to write it down. When I first joined 6 weeks ago, I wrote in my meeting book that my why was so I wouldn’t get diabetes like Daddy. I wanted to share my REAL why at the meeting today, but we ran out of time. I am going to share it with you now.

My real WHY for joining WW this year is Daddy, not just his diabetes and kidney failure, but Daddy. The day I took Daddy to the hospital before he died, he shared a few wishes he had for me. (Looking back, I wonder if he somehow knew that day would be the last day he could tell me what he wanted me to know.) Some of what he told me that day, I’m going to keep to myself, its so precious to me; but I will share that he wanted me to get healthy. Daddy wanted me to lose weight and be healthy. He did not want me to become a diabetic like so many in our family. He didn’t want me to struggle with cholesterol or any health related issue because of my weight. He wanted me to be better than I was.It took me 18 months before I was ready to start this process for real. I did attempt the online WW a few months after he passed away, but it didn’t work well for me. The face to face meetings are working so much better for me and I’m glad I took the leap this time.So, that’s my why for joining Weight Watchers. I want to make my Daddy proud of me and do something he had begged me to do so many times. This journey is not only for me, but it’s for Daddy.

SW: 258.2Today: 244.0TWL: 14.2PTO: 89

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Weight Watchers . . . One month in.

Hello! Today was another weigh-in. I walked into the meeting not really sure if I was going to like the scale. I ate too many carbs over the weekend and I was nervous. I admit I was a little apprehensive after gaining .2 pounds last week, I didn't want to disappoint Bev our meeting lady. I stepped on the scale and it was GOOD NEWS.  I lost 1.2 pounds, but more importantly, I earned my 5% charm!!!! I have officially lost 5% of my starting weight. I'm super excited about hitting that milestone and am amazed that I was able to do it in one month!

Last weeks meeting gave us a new booklet to read about moving more and to help me work on this new goal, I decided that on my lunch breaks and my 15 minute breaks I would go outside and walk. I didn't start until Friday, but I think that should be pretty simple to do and it may get my Fitbit to stop yelling at me.

I'm making better choices foodwise as well. My cousin M and I went over to her brother's house to hangout with his family and M brought pizza, chips, carrots and guacamole. When we sat down to eat, I only grabbed 1 slice of pizza and NO crazy bread (that was a first for me, I LOVE crazy bread) and waited a couple of hours before I decided to grab a second slice. I looked at the serving size for guacamole and chips and stuck to it and also knew I had carrots I could munch on. I did go over my daily points, but that is what weekly points are for anyway; and I only went over by less than 5 points. I guess it balances out a little because there are many days I have some of my daily points left over. (Bev doesn't like to hear that though, I need to work on using my dailys a little bit more.)

Overall, I am really encouraged by this week' progress and am hopeful I can make this work even if we no longer have the at work meetings in 8 weeks.

SW: 258.2
Last Week (LW): 246.0
CW: 244.8
TWL: 13.4
PTG: 89.8
(GOAL is 155)

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Weight Watchers. . . again.

When I looked at a picture of me from a recent vacation, I didn't like what I saw. I realized I needed to do something to change. So when my job offered Weight Watchers at Work with a subsidized price,  I jumped at it. I nervously went into the info session (with my checkbook) and listened to what we were being told. I made the decision I was going to make this happen because I need to do something. I need to be healthy. I filled out my paperwork, wrote my check and waited for the official weigh in the following week.

When that weigh-in came, I was borderline devastated. I hadn't realized that I had reached 258.2 pounds. My 5 foot 5 inch frame was carring 258.2 pounds! I sat down in the chair and looked through the booklets Bev handed me and downloaded the Weight Watchers app to start tracking everything. I went out and bought a FitBit in lavender and started the program.

My first week, I had a preplanned 5k, cardio kickboxing and the Kiddie Kardio program I do at work and took the dogs for a mile long walk. I tracked everything that went into my mouth-- from food to the Belgium Rock Sugar in my Teavana tea. I tracked everything and it paid off-- I lost 6.4 pounds in one week.

Week 2 on the program was much of the same. I went on walks with the dogs, did Kiddie Kardio and missed out on the Cardio Kickboxing class (Grandma's birthday). I tracked everything I ate and it paid off again! I lost an additional 6 pounds that week.

Week 3, didn't go as well as the others.  I did Kiddie Kardio, missed Cardio Kickboxing (Ladies Prayer Night) and did not get to go for the walk with the dogs because of 2 TV interviews.(There was also a major sporting event this weekend) Also, my cousin made some amazing bread and bread is evidently, my biggest weakness. I knew going into the weigh-in wasn't going to be pretty. I was pleasantly surprised I didn't undo my progress and only gained .2 pounds (3.2 ounces).

I know that what I'm doing is not a sprint. I can't be an Olympic sprinter aiming for the finish line. This is a marathon. I am not on some fad diet. I am trying to make changes that will last for a lifetime. I am changing my thinking, my habits and my life. Gaining 3.2 ounces in 1 week isn't going to derail my progress. I am going to make this work. I am going to change my life and I am going to get healthy. I WILL FIND ONEDERLAND and once I do, I'm never leaving. I just have to stick to this and make it work.

Starting Weight (SW): 258.2 pounds.
Current Weight (CW): 246.0 pounds
Total Weigh Lost (TWL): 12.2 pounds
Pounds to Go (PTG): 89 pounds.